OTHER GROUPSThe MPMM offers guided tours and activities to different audiences.




Choice of guided tours


The Maison du Patrimoine Medieval Mosan, located in the old Spanish house, is both a museum and centre for interpretation. It promotes understanding of the thousand years of medieval history on the banks of the Meuse.



Founded in the 12th century by the Count of Namur, Bouvignes has kept its medieval structure as well as many older buildings or what remains from them and which were well-integrated in the urban renovation.


Saint-Lambert Church

The Saint-Lambert church dominates the Bouvignes square. Built in Gothic style, it was altered over the years. The church houses a few major artworks, including a 16th century altarpiece made in Antwerp.



From the top of its barred spur, Crèvecoeur dominates the ancient city. This fortress was built at the beginning of the 14th century to respond to the attacks launched from the Montorgueil tower in Dinant, located on the opposite bank of the Meuse. It was essentially built as a defensive fortress.



Poilvache, an exceptional natural site of two-and-a-half-hectare stands high on a rocky outcrop on the right bank of the Meuse. Travel to Poilvache has to be self-organised.

Combined visits with other local partners can be envisaged: Castle of Vêves, Castle of Montaigle, House of Pataphony, Citadel of Dinant, Collegiate Church of Dinant, Castle of Freyr, etc.



For groups of less than 10 people:

1 activity : 60,00 €/group

2 activities : 75,00 €/group

3 activities : 90,00 €/group


For groups of 10 people or more*:

1 activity : 6,00 €/pers. 

2 activities : 8,00 €/pers.

3 activities : 10,00 €/pers.

One free guide per group.

*2,00 €/pers. supplement for the visit of Poilvache.

To book, please contact our team by phone (082 22 36 16) or email (info@mpmm.be)

Youth groups

Free visits

  • A visit at the MPMM is interactive thanks to models, multimedia terminals ... replicas of Medieval clothing available to the public. The duration of the visit is approximately 1h-1h30. Entrance is free for youth groups.
  • The MPMM offers an audio guide covering three different itineraries: the MPMM, Bouvignes, and a children’s circuit. It is available in three languages: French, Dutch and English. Included in the entry fee.
  • Family booklets: The MPMM team proposes a series of booklets with games for children aged 7 to 12. These are available at the MPMM for € 3.50 each. One of them is translate in English. 

In search of the mystery character!

Someone has been sleeping in the museum recently. Apparently, sometimes at night a small light moves around from room to room. And the alarm system does not go off! What is going on?

With the help of this booklet, go in search of this mystery character!

Guided Tours

Suggested guided activities

  • Guided tour of the MPMM (90’).

  • Creative workshops of your choice: earthen boat, coat of arms, pop-up castle, pavement tiles, coinage, creation of a stained-glass window (painting on glass), creation of an illumination and painting using natural pigments (duration 1 hour).

  • Bouvignes itinerary: the town gates, half-timbered houses, alleys, the castle… (45’).

  • Visit of the fortification of Crèvecœur which ensures military control and monitors the traffic on the river (45’)

  • Poilvache site: guided tour of the site (60’ on site) or discovery game (90’ on site). Travel to Poilvache has to be self-organised.


Practical information

Rates :
1 activity : 3,00 €/chlidren
2 activities : 6,00 €/children
3 activities : 9,00 €/children

One free guide per group.

A room can be made available for a picnic for 30,00 €.

To book, please contact our team by phone (082 22 36 16) or email (info@mpmm.be)

Celebrate your birthday at the MPMM

Become a knight, princess or king of the banquet for an afternoon! Create your coat of arms, your social game, your weapons, your jewellery, your hairdo ...

Children from 7 to 12 years old (max 12 children) enfants)

Duration : 2h (animation ; + 0h30 min for the afternoon tea)

Afternoon tea can be taken at the museum (providing you bring your own)

Tarif : 95,00 € for the group

To book, please contact our team by phone (082 22 36 16) or email (info@mpmm.be).